Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse
Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse
Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse
Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse
Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse
Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse

Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse

  • Article number: 7600810731
  • Age recommendation: from 2 years


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Product information

Discover the wonderful world of the seasons and become a weather pro! The Smoby 4 Seasons playhouse is not only perfect for playing, hiding and meeting friends, but also an entertaining place to learn. It awakens children's curiosity and develops their understanding of the world around them through play.

The entrance door welcomes friends or siblings to play together, and two large windows with movable sliding shutters can be opened and closed. The spacious interior offers room to play and hide and a further window at the back of the house. The front of the children's playhouse is decorated with fun animal motifs such as birds and butterflies.

Equipped with a chime, a weather vane with an anemometer, a rain gauge and a fun learning board, the house allows children to understand and discover weather phenomena in a playful way. Kids can use the wind vane to observe the speed and direction of the wind and use the rain gauge to read the amount of rain that has fallen on the scale of the collection container. The results can be recorded on the small board: there are sliders for the seasons, the perceived temperature, the intensity of the rain and the weather of the day. The chime is not only decorative, but also provides a soothing sound with its gentle melody, which is activated by the wind.

Thanks to the well thought-out design, the playhouse is quick to assemble and can also be dismantled again if required. The plastic is easy to wipe clean and thanks to its low weight, the playhouse can be quickly lifted to the side if necessary. Made from high-quality, UV-stable plastic, the 4-Seasons playhouse from Smoby is particularly resistant to weather influences and fading.


Product details:

Dimensions: 102.7 x 121.8 x 143.4 cm.

From 2 years.

Anti UV
Made in  France
Zubehör Häuser (PDF/1,24 MB)
Anleitung (PDF/7,02 MB)



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Maisonnette 4.saisons

Très jolie maisonnette , de bonne qualité.Prix bien abordable. Show translation



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