Learning through play

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Learning through play: educational toys for children

Educational toys are toys that have a deeper meaning. These special toys are designed to have a positive effect on early childhood development and help promote important skills.
So it's no wonder that educational toys are extremely popular.
The above-mentioned promotional properties are also reflected in Smoby toys. After all, we have made it our mission to produce high-quality toys that appeal to the senses and support healthy child development - enrichment all along the line!

This article explains exactly what added value sorting games, pegging games, educational toys and the like offer and which types of toys can be described as "educationally valuable".

What makes toys educationally valuable?

Conventional toys have one main purpose: to keep children busy and have as much fun as possible. Fun is not neglected in educational toys either, but is supplemented by another component. This is the encouragement.

Educational toys are specially designed to promote social, cognitive and motor skills, but of course still have a certain entertainment value.

In addition, they often appeal specifically to the senses and help children to train their perception. The special toys are often aimed at children of a certain age group and offer them age-appropriate challenges, which in turn results in a maximum development effect.

Types of educationally valuable toys

Educational toys are more varied than you might initially think! Let's take a look at the common categories into which educational toys can be divided:

Motor skills plug-in toy

As the name suggests, motor skills toys focus on motor skills. Educationally valuable toys of this type encourage children to grasp purposefully, move objects precisely and connect different components together.

The  Little Smoby motor skills toy Tubo is a great example of an educational toy that encourages motor skills from the age of one.
The colorful toy invites children to lively stacking, building and plugging and combines all the features that make toys for toddlers educationally valuable.

Baby walker

Baby walkers, such as the  3-in-1 version available from Smoby, also belong to the "educationally important toys" category. This is a four-wheeled trolley with various integrated learning games and ergonomic handles that are specially designed for small children's hands.

The pushchairs are ideal for getting to know the big wide world and are great companions when learning to walk and stand.

Sorting games as educationally valuable toys

Sorting games prove that educationally valuable toys are extremely versatile. Although the products are always based on a sorting task, they are available in a wide variety of designs and have a high play value. They deserve the title of "educationally valuable" because they encourage young players to develop their motor skills and sometimes also introduce them to colors and geometric shapes.

The  Little Smoby activity play table from the Smoby Shop is no exception. On the contrary: the toy for toddlers plays with various simple shapes and appeals to children visually with its soft colors without being unpleasantly garish to the eye.

Educational toys for different age groups

Toys are only truly educationally valuable if they are suitable for the age of the child. Educationally valuable baby toys, for example, differ significantly from educationally valuable toys for toddlers or schoolchildren.

Educational toys from the age of 1 are usually very simple and focus on motor and sensory skills. Sensory balls, soft building blocks and similar educational toys are specially designed for the youngest children and can be used safely by them.

Educational toys from the age of 2 support language development and focus on basic cognitive skills. In order for toys for 2-year-olds to be educationally valuable, they should generally place somewhat higher demands on the little player than educationally valuable baby toys. This is the case with interactive puzzles, for example. If the requirements are too low, children at the age of two are easily underchallenged and the desired developmental effect is not achieved.

Educational toys from the age of 3 can be somewhat more complex and are traditionally aimed at developing advanced cognitive skills.

In addition, educational toys for children aged 3 and over often include social interaction components and contribute to the continuous improvement of language skills. At this age, for example, you can offer your child role-play toys and special educational toys as educationally useful toys.

At Smoby, we make it easier for you to find the perfect toy with educational value by assigning age recommendations to our products. For example, if you are looking for educational toys for babies and toddlers, you are in good hands in the "Baby & toddler toys" store category.

Why are Smoby toys educationally valuable?

In the Smoby Shop, you don't have to worry about whether the toys for small children are educationally valuable. All our toys belong to the "educationally valuable toys" category. The play experience with Smoby toys focuses on important development areas such as motor skills, social skills, imagination, language comprehension and creativity. Thanks to the wide range of products, we can offer educationally valuable toys for children of different ages and cover a variety of interests.
In this way, Smoby accompanies each child individually through the various stages of development.

As we use durable and child-friendly materials in the manufacture of our products, you can be completely sure:
At Smoby, you will find educationally important toys that do not compromise on product safety and quality. This makes educationally valuable toys from Smoby products that parents and educators can trust.

Conclusion on educationally valuable toys

Educational toys can do more than "just" entertain! They are characterized by their developmental aspects and can help your child build social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills. In addition, high-quality, well-thought-out toys can set the course for a lifelong willingness to learn and inspire your child's creativity.

Accordingly, the role that educational toys play in healthy early childhood development should not be underestimated.

To ensure that the stimulating toys of your choice provide your child with the best possible educational support, they should be suitable for their age and individual needs.

Take a look at the Smoby Shop and discover our diverse selection of products. Whether it's educationally valuable baby toys or educational toys for toddlers, you can experience the high quality, safety and meaningfulness of our toys for yourself as you browse through our diverse range.

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