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    Von Sabrina

How does toy recycling work?

When toys have had their day, they all too often end up in the bin. Sustainability? Not a chance. 
To make toy production more resource-efficient, we at Smoby already use recycled materials to manufacture our toys.
The products from our Smoby Life recycling collection consist of up to 100% recycled plastic from households and industry. The robust, high-quality toys are also completely recyclable so that they are not a burden on the environment at the end of their long life.

In the interests of environmental protection and the responsible use of resources, solutions must also be found for broken or no longer used plastic toys. The magic word is "toy recycling".

In this article, you will find out what hurdles make it difficult to recycle toys, what advantages toys made from recycled materials offer and how you can recycle toys yourself.

The challenges of recycling toys

Recycling car toys, play figures and other plastic toys is a tricky business. The complex composition of the processed materials alone often makes them difficult to recycle.
But change is in the air: toy recycling and toy upcycling are topics that have become noticeably more relevant. One approach to simplifying recycling lies in the development of modern technologies that enable clean, efficient separation of the processed materials. By adapting production standards with the aim of increasing the recyclability of products and through targeted recycling initiatives, we can help to make the toy industry more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

At Smoby, we make great efforts to optimize the sustainability factor in production and at the same time guarantee the usual high product quality.
For example, we manufacture toys from recycled materials, which are also sustainable because they are extremely durable. This longevity is enhanced by the use of UV-stable color batches with maximum lightfastness, among other things.

It goes without saying that we do not use plastics that are harmful to health and strictly adhere to the European standards for toys. After all, the safety of the toys must not be neglected. In the case of toys for small children, for example, it is essential to use materials that can be safely put in the mouth.
Wonderful examples of such safe toys are the Little Smoby  Mini-Flitzer toy cars and the  Tubo motor skills game for children from the age of one.

Advantages of toys made from recycled materials

Toys made from recycled materials, as you can discover at Smoby, have numerous advantages - for the environment and for your child!

First and foremost, of course, is environmental protection, as the use of recycled material makes production more resource-efficient and reduces the carbon footprint. Another plus point: the more environmentally friendly toy offers your child a good and, above all, very child-friendly approach to the topic of sustainability. You can use it as an excellent opportunity to start a conversation about environmental protection and help your child to develop an awareness of it.

When working with the  Smoby Eden plant box, for example, the focus is on nature anyway, so that an age-appropriate exchange is a good idea.

In addition, toys made from recycled materials, such as those in the Smoby Life collection, are of course in no way inferior to other toys made from non-recycled plastic in terms of play value. This is impressively demonstrated by our XL double wave slide. The sturdy slide, which is made from 70% recycled material, has a water connection and can be turned into a splashy water slide in no time at all.

Kids who prefer to take it a little easier, on the other hand, can have fun in the garden in an environmentally conscious way with the  Smoby Life double sand play shell with sand toys.

An alternative to this is the bucket set with watering can, which is made from recycled material as well as new plastic granulate. These and many other Smoby Life items clearly show that less plastic waste doesn't have to mean less fun!

Practical tips on how to recycle toys at home

Proper toy recycling starts at home!
Instead of throwing away unused or broken toys in the residual waste, you can make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by finding out about toy recycling and looking for environmentally friendly solutions. In this way, you can set a good example and teach your child the importance of using resources responsibly. We will support you with practical tips on toy recycling:

Toy donations

Have you sorted out toys that your child doesn't use (anymore), but which are actually still in good condition and fully functional? No need to throw them away! There are certainly facilities in your area that would be happy to receive toy donations. For example, ask the local kindergarten or charitable organizations. You are sure to find a grateful recipient for the toys. If the toy has minor defects, it may be possible to have it repaired beforehand, after which the product can start its "second life" in top condition.

Upcycling projects

Toy recycling with a difference: upcycling projects turn leftover, broken or old toys into new toys that are environmentally friendly.

Use toy recycling programs

Various manufacturers and initiatives have launched toy recycling programs. If you use these programs, you can send the toys in for recycling instead of having to dispose of plastic toys and thus waste resources.

Conscious buying

It's best to think about toy recycling and the environmental friendliness of the products when you buy them rather than when you dispose of them. In terms of sustainability, buying environmentally friendly toys - for example toys made from recycled materials - is the obvious choice. You can find a colorful selection of these toys in the Smoby Shop.

The future of toy recycling

As consumers and toy manufacturers increasingly focus on sustainability and the protection of our environment, we can certainly look forward to encouraging developments in toy recycling in the future. New technologies, innovative projects and conscious production and purchasing decisions give us hope that tomorrow's toy recycling will be simpler, more efficient and more accessible.
But you don't have to wait for innovations to start recycling toys!
With our tips, you can take sustainable steps today and demonstrate to your child how environmental protection can be practiced.

At Smoby, we have long made sustainability and quality a priority in our toy production.
With modern production techniques and high-quality, safe materials, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, child-friendly products. We place particular emphasis on longevity.

Because: toys that you can use for a long time and pass on from generation to generation do not have to be disposed of.

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