Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle
Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle
Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle
Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle
Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle
Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle

Bundle - 20 %

Smoby Little Smoby Splash Bundle

  • Article number: BDL-7600140601
  • Age recommendation: from 1 year

€29.98 (-20%)


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Product information

Product bundle consisting of: Liittle Smoby Green Sailing Boat / Little Smoby Hippo


Article number: 7600140601
Product: Liittle Smoby Green Sailing Boat

Smoby Green - the sustainable bioplastic toy, made from sugar cane! The Little Smoby Green sailboat is made of 90% renewable raw material sugar cane, fully recyclable and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Splashing around is really fun with the sailboat! Little sailors can let their little ship drift across the water in the bathtub, paddling pool or on the beach. The ship's propeller can be turned and thus offers additional incentives for play. Thus, the child is encouraged in the development of his dexterity - and with a lot of fun! The packaging made of recycled cardboard is of course also fully recyclable.
Smoby Green is
- 90% bio-based
- 100% recyclable
- made from 100% renewable raw material
- with packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard


Article number: 7600140405
Product: Little Smoby Hippo

Off to the bathtub! With the Little Smoby Hippo the next bath becomes pure splashing pleasure. By means of the 3 cups, the water tank of the wild horse can be filled. If you then open the faucet, the water sprays out of the mouth of the wild horse or turns the water wheels - depending on the position of the slider under the water tank. This can be easily turned to the left, right or center.
By means of the two suction cups, the Hippo bathtub toy can be easily attached to the bathtub or shower wall.
3 cups for filling the water tank or simply for scooping water are included. Great fun for little water rats from 12 months.

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